GST Compliant Society Billing & Accounting

Who said Society Treasurers need to know Accounting?


100% Automated Society Billing & Collections with Zero Convenience Charge

Automatically raise maintenance due demand notes every month

  • Raise and send invoices against all or select flats based on formulae or fixed value or both
  • Set up Recurring Invoices to be sent out automatically on a given date every month
  • Auto-Calculate late payment charges using multiple penalty options
  • Automatically collect payments from members using our unique Collection Gateway with zero manual intervention and zero convenience charge
  • Schedule Defaulters Report to be sent to members every day/week
  • Send Email / SMS / In-App push notification reminders for overdue invoices

Collection Gateway and Payment Gateway

Eliminate suspense entries and reconciliation efforts completely

  • Increase the society's on-time collections dramatically
  • Automatic issuance of payment receipts to members with zero manual intervention
  • Up to date Defaulters Report- at any time
  • Reduce Society's Accounting work by more than 80% - Leading to Cost Savings

Collection Gateway

  • Zero Convenience Charge
  • A virtual account set up for each flat to make payment.
  • Transfer funds via NEFT like a normal transfer.
  • Automatically detect the transfer, records the payment against the flat, issues a receipt and make other accounting entries.

Payment Gateway

  • Enable online payment using Netbanking or credit/ debit cards.
  • Automatically detect the transfer and issues a receipt to the member

Expense Tracking

Plan the budget and provide transparency in society expenses

  • Easily plan your expenses by allocating budget amounts under various heads
  • Segregate expenses between Capital Expenditure and Maintenance Expenses
  • Bulk upload of expenses from excel or CSV file
  • Create and configure Bank Accounts and Petty Cash accounts
  • Get Budget Variance Reports to track any variance in planned spending
  • Reconcile with ease as the solution is integrated with Bank & Cash accounts. So, expenses seamlessly reflect in the bank or cash account statements
  • Easily slice-and-dice expenses, download and/or print reports
  • metered-utility-billing
  • metered-utility-billing

Metered Utility Billing

Easy management of all metered utilities like piped gas, water, electricity etc.

  • Create and maintain a list of metered utilities and their billing periods
  • Collect meter readings for all flats and raise invoices
  • Combine metered utility charges with other charges such as Maintenance Dues and raise single invoice against a unit
  • Integrated with the accounting module to track payments and defaulters
  • Supports integration with multiple meter reading software
  • society-accounting
  • society-accounting

Complete Accounting: Generate Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements

Complete Accounting Software with GST support and real-time financial statements

  • Complete accounting functionality - from defining a chart of accounts to the generation of the final balance sheet
  • Individual sub-ledgers for all Units (Flats/Villas) and Vendors
  • Flat-wise account statements and vendor-wise account statements
  • Advanced functionality such as Adjustments (Journal Entries) to credit/debit to relevant Account Heads and Sub-ledgers
  • Fully functional remote login for society's Accountant/Auditor to validate the accounts, perform adjustments and generate a final balance sheet
  • 100+ financial reports available for view/ download

Bookkeeping Services

Let our trained staff help you in maintaining your accounts

  • Day-to-day accounting of all the cash and bank invoices/bills/vouchers
  • Bank and cash reconciliation
  • Providing monthly report on various statutory liabilities, like Service Tax and TDS
  • Filing of Quarterly E-TDS returns and generating Form-16A
  • Year-end Finalization of the book of accounts
  • Coordination with Statutory Auditors towards audit of the book of accounts